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Drools Vet Pro Obesity Dry Dog Food – Prescribed Diet 3 Kg

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VETPRO OBESITY It may lead to numerous health problems over time if your dog is over-weight. Your dog may seem lazy and lethargic all the time. It is necessary to introduce and administer them with special formulas during this time. Vet Pro is the right product that addresses these issues and helps pets to get better. It is carefully formulated under the guidance of vets and nutritionists, who understand pet physiology well.

  • Prescription diet for obese dog
  • Low fat, thus lower calorie content
  • L-Carnitine for fat metabolism
  • High fibre content to satisfy its appetite
  • Yucca extract for stool odour control
  • All breed formula
MANUFACTURING COUNTRY: ABIS EXPORTS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED BALDEOBAGH, RAJNANDGAON CHHATTISGARH, 491441, INDIA Call : 1800-270-3585 Email : Best to use before August 2021 Please check the purchased product upon delivery for the exact date of expiry

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Why Vet Pro

REDUCES EXTRA WEIGHT : The over-weight of your pet is a result of energy intake exceeding energy expenditure. It may be due to lack of exercise and over-eating. Vet-Pro Supplement is formulated to help your pet lose weight and get rid of obesity. It minimizes the accumulation of excess fat through high protein content and lower calories. The supplemental L-Carnitine helps to burn excess fat storage.
GOOD DIGESTION WITH NATURAL FIBRES – The L-Carnitine and high fibre content help your dog to digest the food properly and get rid of extra body fat by producing energy. Low in fat, the supplement does not add more to excessive body fat. Added natural fibre in the diet helps to relieve constipation. Natural fibres are broken down into food for beneficial colon bacteria and to provide nutrients for colon cells. Further, it maintains the fit and active lifestyle of your dog.
PRESCRIBED NUTRITION FOR ALL BREEDS : This prescribed supplementation provides complete nutrition and helps maintain the good health of your dog. It is an all-breed formula that can be prescribed by vets and nutritionists after examining the condition and nutritional requirements of your pet. It helps your dog to lose extra-sheds and maintains its fit and active body.

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